Value Stream Mapping Workshop teaches how to implement Kanban, Heijunka, Supermarkets and other Pull System tools. Participants learn the techniques during a simulation game and develop a Current and Future State Map for one of the onsite manufacturing processes and create an action plan for implementation of improvements.

Implementation of action items is aided by conducting three follow up sessions spaced over approximately 3 months.

To prepare for the workshop, a consultant will visit the site to help choose a product family which will be the subject of the exercise and collect production data necessary to develop a VSM map.

On-site consulting
1. Create a product matrix and choose product family for mapping
2. Collect production data
3. Choose team memebers
Project coordinator
Production Manager
VSM WORKSHOP - 3 DAYS1. Train in VSM methodology
2. Develop Current State Map for the selected process
3. Brainstorm improvements such as Kanban, Supermarket, FIFO, Pull Sysem, etc.
4. Prepare a Future State Map
5. Develop action plan for implementation of changes
6. Calculate projected improvements and present results
Team members, total of 8-10 people:
a. Operations management
b. Production department managers
c. Maintenance
d. Quality
e. Engineering
FOLLOW UP 1 & 2 – 1 day each1. Review implementation of action plan
2. Brainstorm and plan new ideas
VSM team
CLOSURE - 1 day1. Wrap up
2. Present results to management
VSM team
Example of VSM Current State Map