About Us

For over 18 years we have been helping companies around the world in implementation of Lean Management philosophy. Our clients have been successful in increasing efficiency, quality, reducing costs and increasing safety. We have worked with most major industries such as automotive, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, paper, electronic, heavy industry, construction, as well as government administration and health services.
Improve efficiency
Reduce inventory
Shorten Lean Time



We can help to grow your company and associates in three areas:
Satisfied customers
Improvement workshops
Trained associates

Team of Consultants

Meet the experts who will enable your organization to reach the next level:
Jacek M. Brzeski, Ph.D.
Jacek M. Brzeski, Ph.D.

Managing Director Europe

Founder of Lean Vision, 20 years of experience as a consultant   MORE

James A. VanGieson Jr.
James A. VanGieson Jr.

Managing Director USA

Jim has over 30 years of experience in operational management in hundreds of plants and thousands of processes   MORE


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